A shapeshifter's adventure


The story of ‘Chio’ follows the titular character Pistachio, or Chio for short, a young shapeshifter who runs away from home so that he can return his sister's lucky charm to her. The setting of the story is within a theological war between Chio's people, who live underground and worship the moon, and the people who live aboveground and worship the sun. ‘Chio’ explores themes of family across cultures, communicating across a language barrier and learning to understand people very different from yourself. During Chio's quest to find his sister he learns about  a diverse range of characters and their own familial bonds and reasons for leaving them, despite the presence of the war creating tension and danger between the characters.


‘Chio’ is a puzzle game where the player uses a shapeshifting mechanic to solve problems in the environment and explore the game world. The shapeshifting is an innovative game mechanic that allows the player to navigate and solve problems in a unique way, but also presents an opportunity to see things from the perspective of other beings. The player progresses through different areas such as underground caverns, forests, cities and mountains while solving puzzles, collecting items, learning new abilities and meeting other characters.